Wednesday, April 29, 2009

buried you alive in a fireworks display

Damn. Not a lot happening here, huh? I really haven't bought much lately, or listened to much new stuff. I did finish U2's discography, so that was keen. I suppose there won't be much here until Wilco's new album comes out.

I'm also thinking this is where the heavy metal comic will be seen. As soon as I get everything copyrighted, that is. I've been up til 4 AM for a while now working on it, so I'd really like to let this project be seen by folks. So let's see- copyrighting, and then figuring out how to use the scanner on my printer, and not have to clean them up digitally since I don't have the technology to do so.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

proof that your parents were hip at one time

I was helping my dad figure his new USB turntable last weekend. One of the albums wanted to rip was this masterpiece by Uriah Heep, called Demons and Wizards. I asked to take it home so I could dig it on my own turntable.

Holy shit, is this some great music. The kind of stuff that you never knew you wanted to hear until you actually heard it, as if it fills a previously-unknown area in your soul, as all good music should.

It sounds like a Dungeons & Dragons game if all the players were minstrels, to put it in a too-distilled way. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but I bet I'd have a lot more fun playing that game had my DM not been so focused on combat and dungeon crawling, but that is another story.

I've been on the search for the CD since I spun my dad's LP. Surprise, it's obscure as far as big box retailers are concerned. (Oh, how I miss the local FYE.) I guess it'll be like everything else- I search for weeks, until I finally break down and order it from Amazon. Le sigh.