Sunday, May 24, 2009

it's like this

In order to get you so fuckin' pumped for the comic, I'm going to show you what really inspired me to go with it in the first place- a band called Sons of Butcher.

"We Fuckin Rule (All Your Asses)"

"Fuck The Shit"

Best not to watch these at work, around children, or big babies. You know who you are.

Monday, May 18, 2009

international radio sensation

Work continues to proceed on the heavy metal comic. Still working/fucking with the copyright stuff, but I want to have a backlog before I start since I work remorselessly slow on stuff like this. That and I'm a Luddite and haven't figured out my scanner yet.

I've been thinking that I'll need a pen name for this comic. Sure, I'm a hound for the glory and would love to have everyone know that it was me that created this little absurd comic, but some of the things/song titles in these comics MIGHT come back to bite me in the ass in five or ten years. I was thinking Joseph Gravelshitter. Yay? Nay? God help me if I ever have to name a kid, amirite?

Oh yeah, I recently dug out some stuff I haven't listened to in a while. You should dig on Black Mountain. I've written about them before, but you should do yourself a great favor and get a copy of their album 'In The Future' or at least just listen to 'Tyrants.' It's kind of like if Rush, Jefferson Airplane and Uriah Heep did acid together, got all freaked out, read the Lord of the Rings, and wrote a really bitchin' song.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

moving. blah.

I really don't like moving. Sure, I like being in a new and better place, but getting there is such a bitch. It doesn't help when you have as much shit as I do, and it all has to be boxed. As far as all my music is concerned, I am really considering leaving most of it in the boxes I've put them in for long-term storage. I won't sell them, since I won't get much for them and nobody buys CDs anymore anyway. But with as many as I have, they are difficult to keep around sometimes. To say nothing of the LPs.

Anyway, this was just an outlet to complain about the packing-up thing. Ha, made you read.