Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stuff You Should Be Aware Of #2

Steel Panther- 'Death to All But Metal'
Discovered this band today. I can't get enough of this song. You probably shouldn't listen to it at work, around children, or your wife.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stuff You Should Be Aware Of #1

For this first installment, I'll pick what is undoubtedly my favorite U2 song- 'Red Hill Mining Town.' It was never released as a single, but there's still a promo video anyway. I just discovered it tonight looking for a suitable video for this post, and here ya go. Yeah, I didn't like it either. It would have looked so much better if they had been outdoors in the American southwest like the album cover, but no dice.

in related news, R&R HOF continues its slide into irrelevancy

WE PROTEST!!!: ABBA makes the rock hall of fame and KISS does not

This is unbelievable. ABBA in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Kiss and the RHCP aren't? This is a blunder on par with Jethro Tull winning a Grammy for Best Metal Performance over Metallica, and the HOF will pay dearly for this one.

I must say that it's complete nonsense that Kiss isn't already in the HOF. An artist is eligible 25 years after their first album is released (I imagine that means major-label release), which means Kiss had been eligible since 1999. They weren't even nominated until this year, and they were passed over. That's complete bullshit, if you'll excuse the vernacular. Kiss embodies the very essence of rock & roll- they did what they wanted the way they wanted, and the mainstream came to them. I would say the same about the Red Hot Chili Peppers- it's hard to find a more unique band than them, who also have done things their way.

Billboard article on nominees. I have no complaints about the rest of this year's nominees. The Stooges deserve it, as does Genesis, and the Hollies represent rock's early days (more or less), Jimmy Cliff is reggae, so I don't get that one, but someone could consider reggae a cousin to r&r, so whatever. But fucking ABBA? Come on.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

video killed the radio star

So, Kiss finally released the video for 'Modern Day Delilah.' I don't see the wisdom in waiting two months after the album came out to release a video for the first single, but whatever.


Not their best, but far from their worst video ever made. Kind of how I feel about the Sonic Boom album as a whole.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Full Pearl Jam ACL performance


Because I know you missed it, just like I did. I like the songs they chose to play- no pandering to a large audience, just pure band self-indulgence playing what they felt like playing.

democracy! in action!

Hola, amigos. Been awhile since I've rapped at ya. Anyway, Spin Magazine has their 2009 Reader's Poll voting open. Vote here! And since this is a rock blog, I probably don't have to tell you I can't deal with Lady Gaga winning Artist of the Year. (I voted for Pearl Jam.)