Monday, June 15, 2009

if you'd been a dog, they would have drowned you at birth

As I was moving, I located my copy of Radiohead's Amnesiac in a box with a bunch of my books. I hadn't listened to it since (probably) 2002, so this weekend I listened to it again. Holy shit, what a great album. I really didn't 'get' this and Kid A when they were first released. I was really getting too ahead of myself, since just a mere year before these albums were released, I was an unabashed metalhead. Now though, I'm really getting it.

It sounds like the era in which it was released- before 9/11; just shortly after GWB took office and hadn't had time to completely destroy the world as we knew it; and more than a little ambivalent. It was an album for the sake of art, going beyond a usual five-piece band, adding electronic somethings-or-others and Thom Yorke using his voice as another instrument. An interesting experiment that I doubt anybody but Radiohead could have pulled off.

It's not as satisfying as OK Computer or In Rainbows, but could ANYTHING be comparable to those? I remain doubtful.

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