Monday, August 17, 2009

New Kiss album at Wal-Mart October 6th!

Details here!

Hell yeah. I can't wait to hear it. Now I know why I saw that M&Ms ad campaign that had those little dudes all dressed up like Kiss. I'm also kind of curious to hear the re-recorded classic songs. Getting 2 CDs and a DVD for $12 is really a steal, and Wal-Mart did a great job with the exclusive AC/DC album they had last year, so hopefully Kiss sees that kind of success this year.


wandering owl said...

Awesome. Have you been checking out the new live videos of their tour on YouTube? They're not the best quality, but it's still cool to see them rockin. I seen some South American vids.

Benjamin said...

I have not checked those out yet. I should get on that, maybe to see if they played some new stuff.