Tuesday, March 16, 2010

count 'em up

I wanted to know, once and for all, how many individual albums I owned. So I counted them up this evening. The results will follow.

I counted double albums as one, so something like Kiss Alive or Metallica's Garage Inc. would only count as one. I'm not counting the number of CDs, I'm basically counting the packages. However, a box set such as Pearl Jam Live at the Gorge would count as three (even though there are 9 CDs in the box), and Kiss' box set would be five. LPs, where many of the pieces I own are spread across two albums like Pearl Jam's Riot Act, only count as one. CDs I burned from live shows I've been to were left off, as were blank cassettes I dubbed. I hope all this makes sense.

The numbers, as of 3/16/2010:
342 CDs
65 33 1/3rpm LPs
7 45rpm singles
50 cassettes

I'll be honest, I thought I owned a lot more CDs than that, but still, moving around almost 350 CDs is no easy task, and storing them these days is a pain since all the record stores no longer exist, henceforth, things like easily finding CD storage are a thing of the past, as is LP storage. Hell, so is cassette storage. Mine are just in a cardboard box except for the copy of Van Halen's first in my car.

Now, I suppose I'll be sorting things out by genre and band next. Total dorks like me do that.

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