Friday, November 7, 2008

this week's gets

I'll also do a list of stuff I've bought in the last week or so. Why? Because I can.

Metallica- Load- I sold my copy years ago, and since I've been on a huge Metallica kick for some time, I'm going back and filling the holes in my 'tallica discography.

Queen+ Paul Rodgers- The Cosmos Rocks- I haven't finished listening to this yet. Thoughts in a full review when I do.

Metallica- Death Magnetic- I go to Hot Topic regularly. I can tell you I'm clearly not their target audience. However, they are good for one reason- they carry brand-new vinyl albums for fair prices. I picked this up there at last, after being foiled at Best Buy.

AC/DC- Let There Be Rock and If You Want Blood You've Got It- I'm fortunate to have a very prolific used music peddler locally. The stuff I've bought there boggles the mind. I found these there, and since I didn't have either of these on any format, I bought them.

Metallica- Some Kind of Monster- I really wanted my own copy. I haven't seen it for a few years, so it was neat to see again.

Kiss- Kiss My Ass- I have this on VHS, but I always upgrade something when I find the DVD cheap enough. This was $5, and it's a great collection of live Kiss. It is rendered a little redundant with the release of the Kissology DVDs, but seeing those commercials from the 1970s for Kiss merchandise is really worth my Lincoln.

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