Tuesday, February 24, 2009

this week's gets

Bruce Springsteen- The Rising- Great album. I've had a rip for ages, but bought the CD this weekend. I hadn't heard it in awhile. Great to hear it again.

Bruce Springsteen- Magic- Haven't got into it yet. I heard a bit of it when it came out, but not the whole album.

Metallica- Garage Inc.- I so kick myself for ever parting with my Metallica collection. Having this on CD again is awesome, because I only seem to enjoy every other song on this collection and it's not good for cassettes to be rewound all the time. Plus, cheap ($7!) used Amazon purchase.

Metallica- S&M- A greatest hits and live album in one. Never really was a big fan of this, but it was cheap from the used sellers on Amazon. Some songs are great with the symphony, others are just messy, like Master of Puppets. The best tunes are clearly The Call of Ktulu and Nothing Else Matters, especially the latter since Michael Kamen arranged the strings on that one for its Black Album release.

Metallica- St. Anger- Another cheap buy on Amazon. I figured 'why not, it's five bucks.' You know, I did not give this album its proper due. A lot of the lyrics are retarded, and the lack of solos and the garage-band sound that, while a neat concept, ruined the album. If this was rerecorded with better drums and some short solos, they might have something here. But that's like expecting to hear a remixed version of And Justice For All that you can hear bass on- it ain't gonna happen.

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