Thursday, March 26, 2009

evil little goat

Picked up the Legacy Edition of the remixed Ten from Pearl Jam today. I figured it'll be a little stopgap until I can afford the Super Deluxe box set in a week or so, it was $12, and I can keep it in my car when I get the box set.

I've been digging on it for a while, and gone is all the reverb that the album had originally, which is the biggest difference. It allows more of the guitars and vocals to come through, Eddie Vedder's vocals particularly shining in comparison to the 1991 album.

There's extra tracks too! I was standing in the aisle before I bought it, and I said to myself "what, no 'Breath?'" Then I listened to the demo 'Breath and a Scream' and there it was. It lacks the punch of the studio version you can find on the 'Singles' soundtrack or the Rearviewmirror compilation, but it's different, and if there's something us PJ superfans love, it's demos of early stuff. You get six of them on the Redux CD, so that's keen. I just like having this version of 'Brother', which is the single from this album, and topped the Modern Rock charts last week, which is a sad commentary on Modern Rock if a song written in 1991 can top the charts in 2009.

As a bonus, included is the original mix of Ten on the first CD, in case you weren't one of the 12 million people who bought it already. I was thinking about this, and this is the fourth (!) edition of Ten that I own- CD, vinyl, cassette, and now this version. Yeah, I officially own more copies of this than anything else.

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