Sunday, March 8, 2009

this week's gets

Heavy Metal soundtrack- I found it, and it was in good condition. Why not?

AC/DC- High Voltage- bluh. You know this one.

Amon Amarth- Twilight of the Thunder God- the first time in a very long time I've bought an album just based on kick-ass cover art.

I actually enjoyed this quite a bit. Good ol' Swedish metal with Cookie Monster on vocals. Great song titles, awesome guitar work, and thundering, how-the-fuck-is-he-doing-that drums.

U2- No Line on the Horizon- I liked this a lot better than the last two albums they made. I don't understand the comparisons to Achtung Baby, other than the fact that the band is back to experimenting. I had a theory that U2 is like the banking industry- the music industry as a whole can't afford U2 to fail. They really are the last supergroup, the last cultural sensation we have that still exists, now that the interwebs and the access to more music than ever before have divided people's interests more. Nothing like U2 will ever be able to come along again, and it's not every day they have an album. So, the celebration over and album that doesn't give itself up easily.

Neko Case- Middle Cyclone- Well, it has a beautiful red-haired girl crouching on the hood of a Pontiac with a sword in her hand on the cover. I had heard of Neko Case, and for $10, I'd happily buy this awesomely-covered album. I've listened to it three times today alone, so I'm digging the hell out of it.

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