Sunday, March 29, 2009

recent gets


U2- The Unforgettable Fire- I'm trying to finish up my U2 discography. One very essential step for that to happen, and now I'm really just left with the first three albums yet to get now. And Pop. But I'm not buying Pop.

Tom Waits- Used Songs- A wonderful compilation of his work from 1973-1980. Somebody unloaded like, his entire catalog at my local used music peddler, so I picked up this one. It's good. Really good. Waits is the poet that my life's been missing.


U2 Popmart- Live in Mexico City- holy shit. I wish I could have seen U2 on this tour and the previous Zoo TV tour. It must have been amazing, much more than a mere video can show. Which reminds me, I get to get up early tomorrow and fight for a ticket to the big U2 show in Chicago this September. Man, I hope the same shit that befell the Springsteen shows on Ticketmaster is avoided here. I want to go so badly.

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