Monday, September 14, 2009

city of blinding lights

Finally got to see U2 at Soldier Field in Chicago on Saturday night. Where do I begin? It was without a doubt the best show I've ever been to. The light show alone would trump any show I've ever seen, but when you throw in U2's best songs in a 2 hour and 10 minute show, you have the biggest yet most intimate spectacle in rock.

Here's "the claw" at Soldier Field before the show:

Here is the stage in action during 'The Unforgettable Fire' and 'City of Blinding Lights', easily the highlight of the show, though the second encore (Ultraviolet, With or Without You, Moment of Surrender) with the mirror ball at the top of the spire glinting throughout the stadium is a very close second.

I had no idea that the screen was going to go down like that, which made it all the more awesome. To have it happen during a couple of my favorite U2 songs just made it all the more great.

I have never seen so many people in one place in my life. I figure there was 70,000 people there. There had to have been 20,000 in the field alone, never mind the seats in the stadium. Still, the sound from U2 and Snow Patrol (the opening act) was peerless, sounding better than pretty much any show I've ever been to. Of course, with the size of the PA and the 72 subwoofers that adorn this stage, it should be that way.

You're probably too late to get tickets now from anyone but a scalper for the rest of the shows, but man, if you can go when they get to your city, you should. I traveled five hours each way for this, and it was worth it.

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