Tuesday, September 8, 2009

viva la vinyl

I went to Vegas this weekend for my brother's wedding (which was wonderful.)
Since I had a couple extra days that I didn't have to do wedding-related stuff, I decided to hit a record store I looked up on the internet before I left.

Record City is located on E. Sahara in Vegas. I only stopped at the 300 block one, but apparently, there's a second one there.

I spent about an hour there in vinyl paradise. I filled up my hands with some 80s Kiss LPs that I didn't have, but put them back when I found the Black Album from Metallica, which I've been searching for for months. (Screw ordering vinyl from Amazon- stuff always arrives fucked up.) Then I picked up the only two U2 LPs they had, which were The Unforgettable Fire and Wide Awake in America, which I had heard of, but never thought to acquire.

The stuff I didn't buy is the more interesting story. Imports and collectible vinyl from the UK, really obscure NWOBHM, Beatles stuff in the intended mono (which are extremely hard to find and very, very expensive), plus I found several copies of Metallica's $5.98 EP from 1987, which I do regret not buying right now. I have a Mexican import of it on a picture disc, but an American pressing, I lack. I found one for $30 and didn't get it, even though the sleeve was a little rough. Of course, I could have spent a grand there if I had it, and then I'd just have to go through airport security with all of them, or risk them being utterly destroyed in the check bag.

Despite that, it was great to see a independent store like that. They are sorely lacking in Iowa, at least for me. I have to go at least and hour to get to a decent one, and the only two places I've found in the town I live in have either new hipster stuff I'm not into (Hot Topic) or way too much crap (CDs Plus) though I will admit I have found quite a few gems at both.

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